Bruno Fagali- The Famed Brazilian Lawyer Who is Bringing Change to the Legal System of His Nation

Bruno Fagali is a renowned Brazilian lawyer and the sole founder of FAGALI advocacy. Having being involved in the legal world for well over a decade now Bruno Fagali has managed to make a name for himself as one of the promising lawyers from Brazil. Bruno has gathered an extensive level of experience and thorough knowledge in the field and is introducing a new aspect of the legal system of his nation. He has been a part of various law firms since 2006 but he currently simultaneously serves as corporate integrity Manager in Nova/SB– an advertising agency dealing in public interest communication while independently running his own agency named FAGALI Law Firm.

Bruno Fagali mostly deals with Administrative Law– A field in which he has gained great expertise in. Additionally, he deals with the consultative and contentious aspects of public law while emphasizing on issues involved with Urban Law, bidding law, administrative improbity, administrative contracts, Anti-Corruption, regulatory law and Electoral Law.

During the initial years of his profession, Bruno Fagali served as an intern in several law companies including Associados ,Calil, advocacia and Radi prior to establishing his own Law firm. Aside from operating his own law firm Bruno Fagali is also involved several other law associations in Brazil. Bruno Fagali gained his Bachelor’s Law Degree at the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo and he holds a Master degree from the University of South pacific.

Madison Street Capital‘s Advisory Contributions To High Profile Corporations

Madison Street Capital has a reputation of offering financial advice to corporations across the globe. The Chicago based firm assists firms to obtain credit, arrive at solid investment decisions, and handle complex transactions. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has assisted a series of well-known corporations. Here is a breakdown of some of the beneficiaries of MSC’s services.


Vital Care Industries


In 2014, Madison Street Capital announced that it had offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries, a firm based in Illinois. The company is involved in the manufacture of medical products. MSC assisted Vital Care in selecting a reliable lender and in obtaining a loan.


DCG Software Value


DCG Software Value has been involved with software analysis and support for more than two decades. The company has branches in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. In 2017, Madison Street Capital assisted DCG Software Value’s merger with Spitfire Group.


ARES Security Corporation


Madison Street Capital has also acted as the sole advisor to ARES Security Corporation. This firm is a security software provider. ARES protects computer systems in government agencies and nuclear power plants. MSC advised the company on an investment deal involving subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.


Maintenance Systems Management


In 2017, MSC assisted Maintenance Systems Management with financing. The company has been providing cleaning and building upkeep services in San Francisco since 1990. The president of the company was pleased with MSC’s useful advice.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has a group of professionals who are exceptionally skilled and experienced in merger & acquisitions advisory and corporate finance. The professionals are capable of arranging for the right financing based on their client’s specific circumstances. MSC is headquartered in Chicago but has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. Madison Street Capital reputation extends to other financial services such as restructuring, corporate advisory, financial opinion, and business valuation.


In early 2017, MSC won the Turnaround Award. This commendation was given to recognize its role in a restructuring transaction it brokered in 2016. The transaction’s value was below $25 million. Madison Street Capital competed with over 300 companies for this award. This award came after MSC was named among the finalists of the 2016 M&A Advisor Awards. Firms are given this commendation when they implement admirable acquisition, restructuring, and financing deals. MSC was nominated as the top boutique investment banking firm in the same year and was also chosen as the finalist for brokering a merger that was below $100 million.

Marc Sparks Provides a Spark for Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks knows a thing or two about creativity and innovation. He is a successful, serial entrepreneur and is the founder and owner of Timber Creek Capital. With his deep experience and accomplished background as an entrepreneur, he has made a strategic decision to relocate their office. The new location is specially designed for entrepreneurial startups and facilitates creativity. Marc Sparks and Timber Creek specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas to go off the drawing board and into reality. Learn more:

Building a business model is where Sparks excels and is a large portion of his work in mentoring burgeoning entrepreneurs. With his successful history of establishing companies from scratch, he is able to provide unique insights and counseling for his clients. Timber Creek provides an incredible array of services as part of their program. They include necessary capital, office space, and graphic design to name just a few.

The main feature of their new location in Dallas is the ability to house three different companies. This provides a pleasant environment which is important for the many hours spent there. Here ideas flourish and a prolonged period of development is possible amid the extensive resources. Sparks gives great credence to an atmosphere which focuses on collaboration and where new ideas are welcomed. Learn more:

Marc Sparks is a successful author as well. His book, They Can’t Eat You, is a treatise on entrepreneurialism. It provides his unique insights learned after successfully launching dozens of companies. It reveals both successes and failures in his many attempts with new businesses. It gives a realistic picture of the many stages of developing a new concept.

Another one of his endeavors is Marc USA which is one of Pittsburgh’s largest advertising agencies. They have a program called Marketing Sparks which gives start-ups the opportunity to work with marketing experts during the business development process. They involve a highly intense three-hour session in which entrepreneurs brainstorm with experts to develop timely ideas to propel their business idea forward. When superior marketing is implemented early in the start-up phase, the chances of attracting quality customers is enhanced.

The team at Marketing Sparks consists of a diverse talent base which includes experts in strategy, public relations, creative thought, research, digital and media. These are staff members of Marc USA and local professionals from Pittsburgh as well. They are all pulling together to nurture the thriving startup environment in the Steel City. Learn more:

Marc Sparks is also a well-known philanthropist. He donates substantial sums of money to worthy causes. But, he doesn’t stop there. He also volunteers his time and energy and leads by example which is powerful indeed. He has spent time building houses for the needy with Habitat for Humanity and has also volunteered at a local homeless shelter in Dallas. He is a unique well-rounded man who is passionate about life and helping others.


Drugs in Jail and Securus Technologies

When there is a serious problem with drugs in the jail, me and my fellow corrections officers need to step up and reduce the problem. Over the last few years our prison has seen a huge influx in drug usage by the inmates, so we have had to resort to a number of techniques to be able to control this problem.


One of the things we do each day is surprise cell inspections for drugs and illegal contraband. Even though the inmates do not know which day we are coming, they know we will eventually get there so they take the appropriate actions to hide what they have from us. To try and get ahead of the problem, we ramp up our searches at the visitor center to keep inmates from getting drugs from family or friends. This has put a dent in their efforts, but the problem definitely still exists.


Securus Technologies installed an inmate telephone call monitoring system in our prison, and we were about to discover this was going to be another valuable resource in our efforts to keep drugs from getting into the hands of those inmates. The company CEO, Richard Smith, is known for his objective of keeping the world a safer place, and all of his Dallas-based employees work towards that goal.


My team was trained on the LBS software, and we couldn’t wait to put the system to work. Almost right out of the gate, we began to pick up on some chatter between inmates who were discussing how family should sneak the drugs through the visitor center. On another call, we learned which inmates were selling drugs and where they hid the contraband throughout the jail. Since using the new system, we have put a significant dent into the flow of drugs in our prison.


Whitney Wolfe Just Created A Dating Store

Whitney Wolfe, a cofounder of Tinder, has expanded her horizons and created a new dating app called Bumble BFF. Through the use of this app, people have the option to look for either romantic relationships or friendships.

This is useful to someone who wants to find a new way to make friends without getting -too- close. This app is run almost completely by women, and Whitney Wolfe has made it a point to promote female entrepreneurship in the marketplace. The most noteworthy part of what Whitney Wolfe is doing is that she has opened a pop-up location for her app called ‘The Hive’. This bumble-bee themed spot seems like the perfect place to meet up for a casual date. Although it is simply a pop-up, they will even have a bar and merchandise for sale (all proceeds go to charity).

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Providing a physical location for a dating app is a completely new idea. It is unknown how well this pop-up will do, but as an entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe has taken a risk – and she will reap the rewards if it succeeds. Whitney herself says that she just had an ‘aha’ moment. She decided that maybe it was time for women to make the first move. Thus, she created Bumble, a virtual reversal of gender roles. Her app is doing extremely well, which demonstrates that women actually like the idea of this app. New users are joining Bumble at a rate of 65% percent a day. This is a difficult feat to achieve in itself, and it was not done without a meaningful brand and hard work. Thinking outside of the box is one quality that makes Whitney Wolfe one of the best entrepreneurs out there. She realized that most women are raised to believe that men are always going to make the first move, and that women need to wait until then. She did not agree with that notion.

Whitney Wolfe detected a gap in the market and filled it. Bumble is an app that nobody knew we needed until it was created. Now, women can make the first move with ease.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: