Joel Friant Says The Original Habanero Shaker Offers Bold Flavors

Joel Friant, also known as the “Thai Guy” has a real passion for spices, particularly the Habanero pepper. He created “The Original Habanero Shaker,” and it is in any big stores. He first fell in love with the Habanero when a friend in high school introduced him to the spicy pepper. He went also traveled to Jamaica and found his true love-the Scotch Bonnet variety of the Habanero pepper.

He loved the pepper so much that he wanted to share it with others so that they could enjoy it as well. Since it is very hot in its natural form, he dried it and came up with the shaker format since it is milder that way. The flavor is still great, but it is easier and more enjoyable for most people to handle.

Joel Friant enjoys a good bike ride, and it is then that he gets a lot of his ideas. He always tried to jot his ideas down on paper in order to free up his mind for new ideas.

One of the worst jobs that Friant has had is scraping gum off of the sidewalk, but he still used it as a learning curve. He has found that success is all in the mind and that people at in control of their own success. He also has found that it is very important to associate with the right crowd.

He took a course to help him become more successful at selling on eBay and on Amazon, and he utilizes tools such as Outlook Calendar, Facebook, and Skype to reach out to others. Friant liked to share his wisdom on success and will talk to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

Friant came up with his own Habanero shaker because a lot if the shakers out there had added ingredients such as salt and they also were made with diluted ingredients. His Habanero Shaker has nothing but the good stuff-whole Habanero peppers that are bold and that do not have anything added like salt or other preservatives. The Original Habanero Shaker has the most natural flavors because they are dried Habaneros and nothing else.