Whitney Wolfe’s wedding in Amalfi Italy and What Next for Bubble

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and current CEO off Bumble on September 2nd, tied the knot to Michael Herd a Texas, oil heir. Whitney Wolfe is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. The Bubble is the company she founded she was 19 years has since been a success in the online dating industry. The app has managed to bring a lot of couples across the globe together. It was only a matter of time till she found her match. In a lavish and gorgeous ceremony that took place in Villa Treville Italy, the successful technology entrepreneur exchanged her wedding vows with Michael. The Amalfi coast provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s wedding, this made the occasion nothing less than spectacular.

Soon as the ceremony was concluded, Wolfe and Herd embarked on a honeymoon that would have them visit both France and Italy, the honeymoon extended into the weekend. In as much as Wolfe and Herd live very private lives far from the spotlight, news went viral on the internet and was published in numerous magazines that the couple would be having their wedding ceremony in the Italian Amalfi Coast. Their preferred wedding location, the Amalfi coast is known to be a lavish Cliffside estate that has a wide variety of villas. The guests who attended the wedding were meet with the elegance of unique quality. From the landscaping to the furniture nothing was short of exceptional.

Wolfe’s wedding gown was an artistic fashion piece to marvel at. Judging from the wedding, it is no doubt that professional wedding planners will be quick to tell you that the preparations for the wedding must have been lengthy and lots of logistics options had to be considered. The choice of gown was the Oscar de la Renta, and we’re sure it will grace magazine columns four the next several weeks.

After the honeymoon, Wolfe will settle back to work, and once again put her focus on Bumble her brainchild. Bumble a dating application that has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, is scheduled to be diversifying on the products they’ll be providing their clients. As of now, Bumble is developing new mobile applications that are focused on delivering the current markets demands.

Bumble’s new apps are BumbleBizz that will be serving as a networking application for various businesses, and the Bumble BFF is offering women to locate platonic friends in their regions. Bumble expects a significant rise in subscribers with these apps.

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Whitney Wolfe Just Created A Dating Store

Whitney Wolfe, a cofounder of Tinder, has expanded her horizons and created a new dating app called Bumble BFF. Through the use of this app, people have the option to look for either romantic relationships or friendships.

This is useful to someone who wants to find a new way to make friends without getting -too- close. This app is run almost completely by women, and Whitney Wolfe has made it a point to promote female entrepreneurship in the marketplace. The most noteworthy part of what Whitney Wolfe is doing is that she has opened a pop-up location for her app called ‘The Hive’. This bumble-bee themed spot seems like the perfect place to meet up for a casual date. Although it is simply a pop-up, they will even have a bar and merchandise for sale (all proceeds go to charity).

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Providing a physical location for a dating app is a completely new idea. It is unknown how well this pop-up will do, but as an entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe has taken a risk – and she will reap the rewards if it succeeds. Whitney herself says that she just had an ‘aha’ moment. She decided that maybe it was time for women to make the first move. Thus, she created Bumble, a virtual reversal of gender roles. Her app is doing extremely well, which demonstrates that women actually like the idea of this app. New users are joining Bumble at a rate of 65% percent a day. This is a difficult feat to achieve in itself, and it was not done without a meaningful brand and hard work. Thinking outside of the box is one quality that makes Whitney Wolfe one of the best entrepreneurs out there. She realized that most women are raised to believe that men are always going to make the first move, and that women need to wait until then. She did not agree with that notion.

Whitney Wolfe detected a gap in the market and filled it. Bumble is an app that nobody knew we needed until it was created. Now, women can make the first move with ease.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/01/bumble-is-opening-a-physical-space-in-new-york-for-dates-to-meet-up/