Kate Hudson: The Pillar Behind Fabletics Success

One of the latest Fabletics adverts may make you feel like you are watching a video from the Kate Hudson’s snap chat feed.



As Kate Hudson takes the red carpet, it is evident how the Fabletics are so cute on her. The main reason why Fabletics are among the top sellers in the market is that of their purpose. The manufacturing company aims at using these clothes to inspire women. Different women can comfortably wear the cloth without the fear of their size, age or shape. What an inspiration?



Since brand inception in 2013, the fashion has just been about: a fashion-forward athleisure brand. The design is meant to empowering and inclusive. In less than three years period, Kate and her team have been able to raise the net worth of the company to excesses of $250 million. The amount is commendable considering that Kate had no previous business background.



In the year 2013, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler came up with an idea of starting an athleisure brand. During this time, there was no quality, stylish and moderately priced athleisure brand in the market. It was all a sea of gray and black overpriced workout gear for the ladies.



The two partners wanted to make the change happen, to do this they needed a partner. Kate was the first person that the duo thought of, and she represented what they wanted the brand to be. She is dedicated and an easy to person to approach.



Since then, the company has grown to provide the best Fabletics in the market. For better client satisfaction, the firm allows the client to check compatibility of the various Fabletics before acquiring them. The company has seriously invested in data; the management quickly reacts to concerns that are raised by different users. In this way, Fabletics have managed to earn an excellent reputation among its users. Marketing the company’s products have even been made easier. The two firms can share their resources and a higher social media following. The two are an asset in any marketing entity.



Kate has been able to direct high traffic towards the company’s products. She easily does so by showcasing how Fabletics products fit well in her daily life. She yearns to make her adverts as natural as possible. To her, an ad should show more about her lifestyle and how the particular lifestyle works. The natural approach to marketing has been an asset to the firm.