Sussex Health Care Makes A Positive Difference In The Lives Of Their Users

Sussex Health Care has won awards for the care and support they have been providing for more than 25 years. Sussex Health Care understands how important finding the right home for the elderly is, and have dedicated themselves to providing an environment that is both comfortable and safe. Every individual receives the support they need to maximize their social, intellectual, emotional and physical capabilities. They help the people in their care to live as normal of a life as possible, and treat them with respect. This is accomplished with a high-quality nursing team and training academy. Seniors with complex social and health care needs can be effectively helped.

All the Sussex Health Care Homes have programs, activities, music, reminiscence sessions, quizzes, puzzles, art therapy, cookery and movement to provide entertainment for the individuals in their care. Their therapies include reflexology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Mealtime is considered important, and fresh, quality ingredients are prepared by trained chefs. The dishes created are elegantly prepared, wholesome and extremely tasty.

Sussex Health Care also offers quality services for individuals with physical and learning disabilities. Highly skilled staff, equipment and special facilities provide for a large range of needs and disabilities. Therapeutic interventions and college activities, are an important part of the care plan. The services are available 24 hours each day and incorporate the latest adaptations and aids available. These rooms offer track hoisting en-suite, and are personalized in any way necessary.

Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy facilities have been made available for leisure sessions with structure. Sussex Health Care works closely with colleges and schools so transitional programs can help young individuals become a part of the service. Nursing support is always available whenever needed, and the individual care plan includes the local community. Further education for the service users is available through colleges, work experience, outreach programs and various activities based on need and choice. Sussex Health Care tailors these programs by working with local colleges and resource centers. The Children’s Trust from the Profound Education Team offers outreach programs for individuals eighteen or over.

Sussex Health Care provides individuals with learning difficulties residential support with regular house on regular streets within the community. The users receive encouragement to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities such as gaining work experience, mowing the grass and shopping for their own groceries. The bottom line is Sussex Health Care makes a positive and effective difference in the lives of their users.

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