Betsy DeVos: Supporting Education Reform Through Philanthropy

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is a highly accomplished business woman and politician. She currently holds the position of United States Secretary of Education, a very prominent position. Mrs. DeVos has worked for over thirty years to reach this level in her career.


Mrs. DeVos is very passionate about school choice. Her goal is to help families have more than one choice of schools for their children to attend. Many times children only have one school within the district that their parents’ house is in. This can be unfortunate, as some of these schools may not offer a top notch education. Gifted students are often stuck in school systems that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Mrs. DeVos wants to ensure that students have more than one choice of schools. She is also passionate about achieving this goal through adding more Charter Schools to areas where there is now one choice. In addition, she is also passionate about the school voucher program. Many parents, especially in low income areas, are focused on keeping their kids safe from crime of gang recruitment. What they are able to pack their child for lunch often comes second to keeping them safe. A meal voucher program would ensure that children from low income families can have a free or discounted healthy lunch at their school.


While education reform is Mrs. DeVos’ top focus, she is also very involved in a philanthropic capacity with many charities throughout the country. Her foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, donates millions of dollars to organizations that focus on education reform in America. In 2015 her foundation donated $11.6 million dollars, much of that went directly to helping groups focused on education.


She and her husband, Dick DeVos, contribute annually to the Potter’s House Christian School in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They first came upon the school when they were looking at school options for their own children. They felt very blessed to be able to select any school for their own children and realized that many people did not have that luxury. The Potter’s House school touched their hearts with the work they were doing to provide a Christian-based education to students in a low income area. The DeVos’ decided to make a financial contribution to provide scholarships for children who wanted to receive a Christian education. They donated $200,000 in 2015 and pledged additional funds. They are now the top donor at Potter’s House and have made a difference in the life of dozens of children through a better education.


The DeVos family continues to focus their charitable giving around education. They also donate to other causes such as groups that promote Christian values.


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