Larkin & Lacey

In October of 2017, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio about to be sentenced for crimes stemming from racial profiling and ignoring a federal judges order was granted a pardon by President Donald Trump.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, former co-owners of the Phoenix New York Times had a long-standing 10-year-old feud which included them being arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The New York Times in their relentless peruse covered and exposed the scandals and corruptions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department during his years in the sheriff’s office which spanned 24 years.

According to Michael Lacey who has been feuding with the Sheriff for decades, regarding the pardoning of Joe Arpaio by the President, agrees that Donald Trump is a moron. According to the reports and Michael Lacey, the Sheriff is responsible for advertising racism and torture, asked God to take a look at the many corpses and mutilated bodies that became victims of Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio spent six terms in office. During that time he was responsible for the horrendous conditions in the jail. Some of the heinous crimes were committed against children, inmates being beaten to death, inmates committed suicide, more than a million dollars in jail funds were misappropriated.

According to Michael Lacey, there was pure evil within the walls of the sheriff’s office ran by Arpaio as people’s lives and careers were destroyed. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey felt the wrath of Sheriff Arpaio when they were handcuffed and taken for a ride to the station by his thugs. This event took place in October of 2007.

Using the power of the press Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey stood up against the tyranny of a corrupt and evil Sherrif to expose his corruption, his treatment of the people, and to bring Sherrif Arpaio to justice. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump stepped in and made a mockery of the criminal justice system when he pardoned Arpaio.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey embody the principles of what can be accomplished with or without a college degree. On May 4 of 1970, there were killings (shootings, massacre) of four students and injury of nine others at Kent State University. This incident angered both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They dropped out of college and began their walk into history.

They started their quest with a campus newspaper and it evolved into a well know newspaper company, New York Times that went all across the United States. This included the Village Voice Media with 17 publications which they sold to Voice Media Group in 2013.

The CEO of the company was Jim Larkin and the executive editor was Michael Lacey. Together they took on corruption, greed, murders and other crimes and exposed them. Together they were a magnificent duo who did not back down in the face of adversity.

With Larkin and Lacey embattling corruption in the Sherrif’s office, they fought to the end against Arpaio to bring him to justice for crimes he committed. They did not back down until he was exposed for what he was, evil.

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Gregory Aziz and The Compassionate Business Model He Has For Employees

You can expect a lot from a leader who has withstood the test of time and a series of crises. If a businessman has been around for longer time than the competition, it may mean that he’s lucky or he’s got the skills and talents to withstand the game. We can place the number of the success of these businessmen at the rate of the projects they have accomplished, but that would not be enough. In the case of Gregory James Aziz, the CEO of National Steel Car, the true measure of success in any business is the ability to provide jobs and spread the wealth to others.



Gregory J Aziz’ Job Creation

We all know that it is better to start a business than to start a non-profit organization. These Non-Government Organizations sometimes add to the problem, instead of solving it. Greg James Aziz is one business leader who believes in the importance of job creation. By leading the National Steel Car’s operations in manufacturing sturdy railroad freight cars and tanks, many jobs have been generated by people who need them the most. In fact, in recent record, there have been around an increase of one thousand jobs since the company started. Also, with 100 years of tested performance and excellent record, National Steel Car under Greg Aziz has consistently been proven itself as the leader in the manufacturing of such wonderful quality cars. It is even reputed to be a leader in tank car production across North America. ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.



The Secret To Good Reputation

One of the multiple things that make Gregory J Aziz stand out is the fact that he has a dynamic and values-driven leadership style when handling people. The fact that he also always finds the way to challenge employees and the goals that he set for his company is also another added ingredient to the formula of his current success. With Mr. Greg’s masterful way of leading his company, there is little wonder why he has been with National Steel Car for so long now and why many of the stakeholders of the company still trust him.


It should be noted here that the success of Greg won’t be as big as it is right now if he didn’t dedicate a lot of time in focusing his attention on developing an excellent connection with his employees. The values that he ingrained in his company honestly keep the company going and keep the employees giving their trust to him. See Related Link for additional information.


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Gregory Aziz and the Reinvented National Steel Car

National Steel Car has the story of North American industrialization as well as the expansion of the market. The railcar firm which is founded in the year 1913 was an active contributor in making transportation through rails a revolution, especially in the industrial transports. With high-quality delivery and world-class customer service, the company grew consistently in the market. It became the industry leader in railcar making in the region. But, in the later years, the railcar maker could not keep up the momentum and went down against the opponents, especially due to lack of vision and business strategies.



However, the situation overturned after 1994 as Gregory Aziz bought the firm and redesigned its growth vision. With decades of experience in providing world-class service delivery in a number of industries, Gregory James Aziz could easily identify the issues of National Steel Car and create a recovery or rebound plan for the company. He identified that the company was following a great culture of excellent teams; also, it had engineering expertise. Aziz used both these factors to shape the company and improved the capacity of the firm with regular investments in the workforce as well as plant equipment. This helped the National Steel Car to bounce back within five years. Find Additional Information Here.



Gregory J Aziz knew the importance of quality and safety in the diverse tank car and railcar sector. Considering a vast majority of the companies or its customers are oil companies and chemical firms, all of them needed specifically designed railcars that are fitting the needs of those players. Also, the changing environment and other factors made the requirement of highest-possible safety measures for the railcars. The commitment to providing best safety measures in railcars by Greg James Aziz helped the firm to grab some of the leading certifications in the industry. It regularly wins ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality and becomes the only player in the sector with the elite certification. TTX SECO safety and quality award is another important recognition the firm holds for the last 20 years.



James Aziz is a proponent of leading the industry and relentless focus on quality and excellence. He also has greater exposure in investment banking as well as food industry as he worked in those industries during the initial years of his career. Aziz also actively voices for philanthropy at the workplace and contributed to many initiatives to set himself as an example for his employees.


James Aziz also shaped the philanthropic missions of National Steel Car and led it to sponsor many community events. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


Adam Milstein Discusses Eight “Gifts” To Give To Jewish Youth This Year

Following the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Hanukah, Adam Milstein took some time to reflect upon the gifts that Jews can pass on to their children. Hanukah is a holiday that celebrates the willingness of the Jews to fight to preserve their culture and freely practice their own religion. The lessons and stories of Hanukah are thousands of years old, but they can still be applied today to our modern life. Below are some takeaways that Adam Milstein had from Hanukah and what you can do to spread the spirit of Hanukah well beyond the holiday season.

Pride is one of the most important gifts that Jews can pass on to their kids and youth in the community. The right kind of pride is positive and being aware and proud of your own roots and history. Adam Milstein believes that if the older generation of Jews do not install pride in the younger generation, then the Jewish people will fade away into history.

Another important gift to give your children and the Jewish youth is courage. The Jewish people have survived and thrived because they have been courageous. Courage involves standing up against bigotry against the Jewish people. It also involves the courage to preserve and promote Jewish values, history and culture so that it remains and continues to thrive.

Persistence is another gift that Jews must pass along. Without persistence the Jewish people would not be able to survive the constant onslaught that has been directed against them over the years. Persistence is also a life skill that must be instilled if our youth is to achieve an education, raise a family and overcome a multitude of other tasks and problems says Adam Milstein.

Jews must never forget about brotherhood either says Adam Milstein. We need to help and support one another he says. Knowledge and innovation is another vital gift to give the Jewish youth. Jews make up a tiny fraction of the total population. It is estimated that they account for only 0.2%. Despite this, Jews have gone on to incredible accomplishments in the sciences, mathematics, business, technology and medicine. All of this is thanks to the knowledge and innovation of the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein supports fellow Jews as a philanthropist and advocate of the Jewish state of Israel. He established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation to support and promote a multitude of Jewish and pro-Israel causes such as the fight against BDS and the promotion of Jewish values at home and in schools. He also leads the IAC or Israeli-American Council in the United States.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Plastic Surgeon for the Body and the Heart

It is easy for passionate plastic surgeons to get lost in their work. Many of these specialists become legendary within their field. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of those cosmetic specialists because he truly cares about his patients beyond the procedures they want to undertake. The cosmetic specialist has made a name for himself in Dallas by not only working with one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgery centers, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, but also by providing results that get people talking.


People who care about the precision of cosmetic surgery know that this type of work is as much about being meticulous as it is about being artistic. The process of body contouring, which is important for successful cosmetic surgery, takes mastery of the craft and an artist’s touch. This is because the plastic surgeon has to be able to see beauty before it is present. It is almost as if the plastic surgeon has to see into the future to ensure the changes he or she is making will turn out well. It seems that Dr. Jejurikar’s vision works out since many people seek his expertise.


The doctor is a board-certified surgeon and is passionate about intergrating innovative approaches to his craft. He knows that aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are constantly being improved, which means that his work can continue to impress. He also knows that his patients deserve the very best results, which requires continual education.


Dr. Jejurikar is not only a dedicated plastic surgeon. He also cares about his community in Dallas and Plano as well as communities around the world. Some are surprised to hear that Dr. Jejurikar volunteers every year with Smile Bangladesh organization. This program takes him to impoverished communities in Bangladesh where he can provide help to little ones who need care.


NewsWatch TV Reviews Show Gets Glowing Review for Client Promotions

News and Entertainment group, NewsWatch, is on the tips of consumers’ lips lately. They are praising the entity for its professionalism and support during various campaigns. Clients like Nathalie Van Wijkvliet are repeat clients, and they continue to have amazing experiences with the NewsWatch team. Van Wijkvliet claims that she worked with Newswatch so that she could get funding to support her company’s electronic creation project. Her company is currently launching a new device in its line of products, and NewsWatch is helping them to get the word out to potential investors. Her business will most likely have a long-lasting relationship with NewsWatch in that they will continue to help it grow.


NewsWatch is a television show that has been on since 1990. The show covers a broad range of topics such as news for consumers, product reviews, celebrity current events, mobile app announcements and more. The purpose of the show is to inform the consumer world of new products, news and innovations that can help them to broaden their horizons in technology and entertainment. Bridge Communications is the current owner of NewsWatch. It’s a company that creates videos and communications.


NewsWatch TV Reviews evolved immensely over the years. It first started as a finance-based show, and then it eventually shifted to news and information for the public. One of the recent focuses for the show has been mobile apps. Since the market is growing so rapidly, the producers felt that it would be a good idea to turn the focus to mobile apps that could improve people’s lives. Therefore, the show often discusses the latest apps in the form of a review in which they talk about the positives and negatives of each one. NewsWatch is 30 minutes long, and there have been more than 1,200 episodes since it started airing.


Academy of Art’s Runway Showcase Furthers the Careers of Many

For 21 years, the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion has held a runway showcase. A chance for recent graduates of their numerous fashion programs to debut their creations. It is an event that many attend; peers, celebrities, potential mentors, and even representatives for clothing brands. It is a launch pad that jump starts the careers of many.


Transported from the University’s home in San Francisco all the way across the country to New York, students have the opportunity to show their work to people who can take their careers further. This year Skylight Clarkson Square played host to the event. It occurred on September 9, and featured designers from all over the world. The styles impressed the crowd and once again cemented the Academy of Art as the top school for design and fashion.

Academy of Art University is a privately owned for-profit school located in San Francisco. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the University has grown into a large institution complete with 289 full-time teachers. Its degree path have also increased from advertising to a multitude of art and design facets. Currently it offers degrees ranging from associate’s to master’s in over twenty-five subjects. The school is highly regarded in many fields and at present is the largest privately-owned art school in the U.S.


The Academy of Arts School of Fashion is a distinguished institution. In addition to its own showcase, the school also participates bi-annually in NY Fashion Week. Many of its alumni have gone on to participate in seasons of Project Runway because of their participation in such events. The School of Fashion follows the Academy of Arts dedication to furthering the arts and bringing new ideas to all the facets its represents. Its students, regarded as the future of the industry, are expected to change the very face of fashion and inspire the next generation.


Joel Friant Says The Original Habanero Shaker Offers Bold Flavors

Joel Friant, also known as the “Thai Guy” has a real passion for spices, particularly the Habanero pepper. He created “The Original Habanero Shaker,” and it is in any big stores. He first fell in love with the Habanero when a friend in high school introduced him to the spicy pepper. He went also traveled to Jamaica and found his true love-the Scotch Bonnet variety of the Habanero pepper.

He loved the pepper so much that he wanted to share it with others so that they could enjoy it as well. Since it is very hot in its natural form, he dried it and came up with the shaker format since it is milder that way. The flavor is still great, but it is easier and more enjoyable for most people to handle.

Joel Friant enjoys a good bike ride, and it is then that he gets a lot of his ideas. He always tried to jot his ideas down on paper in order to free up his mind for new ideas.

One of the worst jobs that Friant has had is scraping gum off of the sidewalk, but he still used it as a learning curve. He has found that success is all in the mind and that people at in control of their own success. He also has found that it is very important to associate with the right crowd.

He took a course to help him become more successful at selling on eBay and on Amazon, and he utilizes tools such as Outlook Calendar, Facebook, and Skype to reach out to others. Friant liked to share his wisdom on success and will talk to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

Friant came up with his own Habanero shaker because a lot if the shakers out there had added ingredients such as salt and they also were made with diluted ingredients. His Habanero Shaker has nothing but the good stuff-whole Habanero peppers that are bold and that do not have anything added like salt or other preservatives. The Original Habanero Shaker has the most natural flavors because they are dried Habaneros and nothing else.

AvaTrade: Valuable Forex Option With Cryptocurrency Options

There are a lot of reasons AvaTrade stands out when compared to traditional Forex trading platforms. Not only are they committed to excellent service and high quality technology, they also have included cryptocurrencies into their model. AvaTrade offers users the option to trade in Bitcoin as well as to make investments based on speculation for cryptocurrency markets.

AvaTrade has some of the best industry leading features available today. Fast withdrawal options, flexible deposit methods as well as ongoing support for consumers are just some of the ways that AvaTrade consistently works with consumer interests in mind. They have multiple features as well as opportunities for getting services based on unique needs. Customization and conveniently packaged services are another way that they make it easy for customer sto get the best trading experience.

AvaTrade has state of the art technology when it comes to accessing the platform itself. Users benefit from valuable web portals and methods of accessing funds easily. Meanwhile there are lots of options with the MT4 based platform software. Lots of unique aspects have contributed to the flexibility and diversity in options.

The incredible nature of ongoing software improvements as well as customization options help AvaTrade stand out when compared to other Forex platforms. While other exchanges can offer significant results, they may not have the years of expertise or revolutionary options that come with this industry leaders. Users get the best experiences and have the least hassles when it comes to operating their portfolios with Avatrade.

Having more than ten years of industry experience, AvaTrade has combined user friendly tools with state of the art infrastructure to provide a versatile and highly developed experience for traders of all skill levels. The fast cash out methods and systems of operation are also helpful when it comes to getting lasting results. AvaTrade even provides a unique debit card that can be used to access funds in the account immediately. These advantages are just a few of the ongoing strategies that AvaTrade uses to succeed in their initiatives as the premier platform for Forex and cryptocurrency trading today. They make it easy to get started with online trading with AvaTrade.

The Oxford Club Has A Simple Guide For Higher Returns

The world of private capital is a lucrative but challenging place. If you want to succeed , you’re going to need to have a strategy and you’ll need to stick to it. Fortunately, the Oxford Club has come up with some sound advice for those who want to enter the world of investment and find financial independence for themselves. Their advice has helped many people enter into the world of investment while maintaining profits they want. There are few people out there who have the same skill level as the Oxford Club and even fewer who have managed to give their followers the same excellent advice.

For the most part maximizing returns is all about saving money and investing in a broad portfolio. Instead of focusing on the common but oversaturated options, consider putting your eggs in as many baskets as possible. The more ventures you take the greater the chance of success. Far more people experience success when they try to go after 10 different stocks than when they go after one or two. The Oxford Club stresses the importance of this in every investors strategy. Without it you will certainly lose out on many great opportunities you may have seen if you do otherwise.

One thing everyone can agree with is that the Oxford Club is an exceptionally talented group of investors and their talent is changing everything. People are able to rely on them for a reason. They managed to win in the capital markets and their advice has carried so many others. They have expanded their advice beyond traditional topics to cover more modern investments like alt coins too. For this reason the Oxford Club remains one of the most important investor clubs of the modern day. Their influence is immense and continues to grow every single day in some area.

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