Academy of Art’s Runway Showcase Furthers the Careers of Many

For 21 years, the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion has held a runway showcase. A chance for recent graduates of their numerous fashion programs to debut their creations. It is an event that many attend; peers, celebrities, potential mentors, and even representatives for clothing brands. It is a launch pad that jump starts the careers of many.


Transported from the University’s home in San Francisco all the way across the country to New York, students have the opportunity to show their work to people who can take their careers further. This year Skylight Clarkson Square played host to the event. It occurred on September 9, and featured designers from all over the world. The styles impressed the crowd and once again cemented the Academy of Art as the top school for design and fashion.

Academy of Art University is a privately owned for-profit school located in San Francisco. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the University has grown into a large institution complete with 289 full-time teachers. Its degree path have also increased from advertising to a multitude of art and design facets. Currently it offers degrees ranging from associate’s to master’s in over twenty-five subjects. The school is highly regarded in many fields and at present is the largest privately-owned art school in the U.S.


The Academy of Arts School of Fashion is a distinguished institution. In addition to its own showcase, the school also participates bi-annually in NY Fashion Week. Many of its alumni have gone on to participate in seasons of Project Runway because of their participation in such events. The School of Fashion follows the Academy of Arts dedication to furthering the arts and bringing new ideas to all the facets its represents. Its students, regarded as the future of the industry, are expected to change the very face of fashion and inspire the next generation.