Gregory Aziz-Era Of National Steel Car Is Futuristic And Promising

Railcar industry is one of the oldest and structured industries that created a revolution in the transporting of different raw materials, chemicals, and more. National Steel Car was the pioneers of the North American sector who paved greater transition in the initial years of the industry. However, the company that was founded in 1912 lost its market and leadership to competitors in the later years. It was due to the lack of innovation and unavailability of diverse solutions to address the needs of the customers. But, in the recent years, the company has made an amazing comeback and recaptured its primary position in the railcar industry of North America. Thanks to Gregory Aziz, the Chief Executive of the firm.



Since he acquired the firm in the year 1994, Aziz remodeled the growth strategy and vision of it to reflect the needs of the modern times. Gregory James Aziz identified that the company has greater engineering capability and an excellent team. He decided to make use of both for technology innovation with added safety measures for addressing the needs of its large industrial customer base. Gregory J Aziz hired more professionals since 2014, and the headcount of the company shot up to 3,000 from 600 along with significant addition in the plant equipment. See This Article for related information.



Both the changes improved the efficiency and capacity of the railcar firm multiple times. By 1999, National Steel Car became the biggest player and the leader of all technological innovation in the freight-car industry. The safety and quality efforts of Greg James Aziz gave continues ISO 9001:2008 certification for almost two decades with many recertification’s – the only player in the industry with the top-quality certification. The efforts also helped the firm to receive TTX SECO annual quality awards consistently from 1996. The close surveillance of Greg Aziz ensures that the voices of National Steel Car customers in adequately heard and addressed in the organization pointing towards long-term, highly-satisfied customer relationship. More:



Since 2014, he vociferously campaigned for the next-gen safety regulations in the industry and started his works in implementing it in National Steel Car. He ensured that the company is adding nearly 1,000 professionals into the workforce and advancing the plant equipment modernization. With nearly 25 years of exposure in the railcar industry, James Aziz knows the challenges and safety needs of its customers. Interestingly, his campaigns have prompted the whole North American freight-car sector to adopt next-gen safety and quality regulations, recently.

Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s Saving Grace

The company is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. National Steel Car was not always a terrible company. In fact, there was a time when they were thriving. Because of some of the issues that came from the industry, though, they started to decline. It is what made things hard for people who were trying to make their living through the freight industry. Gregory Aziz knew this when he started working on National Steel Car. He also knew there was not a lot of future for the freight industry, but he wanted to be able to do something about it. As a business professional, Gregory Aziz felt he could be extremely influential in the industry. He also felt he would be able to try different things to make sure they were doing the best with their opportunities. Gregory Aziz liked to always make sure he was helping people and he was putting things together on his own. For Gregory Aziz to do this, he had to try his best.

Greg Aziz also knew there would be times where he wouldn’t be able to make the right choices in business. Gregory Aziz has always tried to show people he can try different things and that means he has to make sure he is helping people out. Acting as a true businessman, Greg Aziz has made some strides and has learned what it is like to try and help people with their business needs.


Gregory James Aziz also knew he didn’t know much about the steel car industry, but he was willing to learn so he could help himself out. One of the most important things he wanted to learn about was how to help the industry change and how to bring it back to a point where it used to be. The idea of helping other people is what allowed Gregory Aziz the chance to try and make things work for his own business. Click Here to learn more.

Once he had purchased National Steel Car from its then owner Dofasco, Gregory J Aziz knew there wouldn’t be any way to look back. He wanted to show people he could do things the right way and that’s what led to him making the right moves for National Steel Car. The industry has seen a lot of changes and that’s what has given him the motivation to keep helping people. It is also what has made him a better person through the work he has done on his own in the steel car sector.

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Sussex Health Care Makes A Positive Difference In The Lives Of Their Users

Sussex Health Care has won awards for the care and support they have been providing for more than 25 years. Sussex Health Care understands how important finding the right home for the elderly is, and have dedicated themselves to providing an environment that is both comfortable and safe. Every individual receives the support they need to maximize their social, intellectual, emotional and physical capabilities. They help the people in their care to live as normal of a life as possible, and treat them with respect. This is accomplished with a high-quality nursing team and training academy. Seniors with complex social and health care needs can be effectively helped.

All the Sussex Health Care Homes have programs, activities, music, reminiscence sessions, quizzes, puzzles, art therapy, cookery and movement to provide entertainment for the individuals in their care. Their therapies include reflexology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Mealtime is considered important, and fresh, quality ingredients are prepared by trained chefs. The dishes created are elegantly prepared, wholesome and extremely tasty.

Sussex Health Care also offers quality services for individuals with physical and learning disabilities. Highly skilled staff, equipment and special facilities provide for a large range of needs and disabilities. Therapeutic interventions and college activities, are an important part of the care plan. The services are available 24 hours each day and incorporate the latest adaptations and aids available. These rooms offer track hoisting en-suite, and are personalized in any way necessary.

Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy facilities have been made available for leisure sessions with structure. Sussex Health Care works closely with colleges and schools so transitional programs can help young individuals become a part of the service. Nursing support is always available whenever needed, and the individual care plan includes the local community. Further education for the service users is available through colleges, work experience, outreach programs and various activities based on need and choice. Sussex Health Care tailors these programs by working with local colleges and resource centers. The Children’s Trust from the Profound Education Team offers outreach programs for individuals eighteen or over.

Sussex Health Care provides individuals with learning difficulties residential support with regular house on regular streets within the community. The users receive encouragement to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities such as gaining work experience, mowing the grass and shopping for their own groceries. The bottom line is Sussex Health Care makes a positive and effective difference in the lives of their users.

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Betsy DeVos: Supporting Education Reform Through Philanthropy

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is a highly accomplished business woman and politician. She currently holds the position of United States Secretary of Education, a very prominent position. Mrs. DeVos has worked for over thirty years to reach this level in her career.


Mrs. DeVos is very passionate about school choice. Her goal is to help families have more than one choice of schools for their children to attend. Many times children only have one school within the district that their parents’ house is in. This can be unfortunate, as some of these schools may not offer a top notch education. Gifted students are often stuck in school systems that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Mrs. DeVos wants to ensure that students have more than one choice of schools. She is also passionate about achieving this goal through adding more Charter Schools to areas where there is now one choice. In addition, she is also passionate about the school voucher program. Many parents, especially in low income areas, are focused on keeping their kids safe from crime of gang recruitment. What they are able to pack their child for lunch often comes second to keeping them safe. A meal voucher program would ensure that children from low income families can have a free or discounted healthy lunch at their school.


While education reform is Mrs. DeVos’ top focus, she is also very involved in a philanthropic capacity with many charities throughout the country. Her foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, donates millions of dollars to organizations that focus on education reform in America. In 2015 her foundation donated $11.6 million dollars, much of that went directly to helping groups focused on education.


She and her husband, Dick DeVos, contribute annually to the Potter’s House Christian School in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They first came upon the school when they were looking at school options for their own children. They felt very blessed to be able to select any school for their own children and realized that many people did not have that luxury. The Potter’s House school touched their hearts with the work they were doing to provide a Christian-based education to students in a low income area. The DeVos’ decided to make a financial contribution to provide scholarships for children who wanted to receive a Christian education. They donated $200,000 in 2015 and pledged additional funds. They are now the top donor at Potter’s House and have made a difference in the life of dozens of children through a better education.


The DeVos family continues to focus their charitable giving around education. They also donate to other causes such as groups that promote Christian values.


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